Samples of my published columns and features. Click on each title to view.

Jerusalem Post PDFs:

Go Wild with Weeds  Jerusalem Post, January 2016

Zichron Yaacov I and Zichron Yaacov II   Jerusalem Post, June 2015

Here, Take My Kidney 1 and Here, Take My Kidney 2  and Here, Take My Kidney 3 Jerusalem Post, February 2015

Culinary experience in the Galilee   Jerusalem Post, March 2014

The Call of the Culinary Wild  Jerusalem Post, April 2013
Green Prophet links:

Cherry Tomato Tabuleh And Eating With The Druze In The Galilee  Green Prophet, August 2014

60 Must-Have Pantry Items For A Middle-Eastern Kitchen Green Prophet, October 2013

Tatooed Ecologist Tristan Reid Trek Through Turkey To Save Wildlife Green Prophet, December 2012

Ful And Hummous, The Working Man’s Lunch Green Prophet, December 2009

The Jewish Daily Forward Links:

Women Read The Megillah The Jewish Daily Forward, March 2014

Who Makes The “Greenest” Dish In Jerusalem? The Jewish Daily Forward, April, 2013

In Search Of Times Past: Home-Cured Corned Beef The Jewish Daily Forward, February 2012

A Lover’s Chicken And Dumplings The Jewish Daily Forward, February 2012