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mimi's israeli table

Back Again

Yes, it’s been a long while. There were reasons for disappearing, and I’ll tell you now. I had to come to terms with the fact that I’m diabetic. It was a hard thing to accept. I didn’t know how to proceed with this blog. I’m a private person, not given to exposing much of my […]

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Foraging for Chickweed

This week I’m roaming empty lots and old gardens, foraging for chickweed. Chickweed is one of my favorite wild greens. I grow it in containers on my balcony, but my containers don’t yield as much as I want. So I’m out in the cool, moist weather, scanning the ground for the soft little herb, because […]

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The Genie In My Coffee Cup

The Genie In My Coffee Cup

I admit it. I’m addicted. It’s one cup every day, but it’s strong. And if I don’t get it, the bottom drops out of the world. I guess that’s addiction. If for some strange reason I’ve left the house having missed my morning cuppah, I’ll pop into a bakery and buy a very good coffee […]

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roasted green wheat

Freekeh In The Field

Meet Salman Nijim Abu Heissam, a Druze farmer from a village in the Western Galilee.  He is an ex-IDF officer and speaks excellent Hebrew, which was great for me because my Arabic is limited to maybe four words. Paul Nirens, owner of the Galileat organization that leads culinary tours with Druze and Christian Arabs of […]

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raw freekeh friki

Eating Biblical Food, or How Freekeh Saved Ancient Egypt

Pharaoh was having nightmares. He dreamed horribly of seven diseased wheat sheaves and seven skinny cows devouring healthy wheat and fat cattle. Not being one to suffer in silence, he let the whole palace know what sleepless nights he was having. His viziers couldn’t explain the dreams. His magicians consulted the oracles, but the oracles […]

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Gastronomical Tiberias

Tiberias, forever anchored to the Sea of Galilee. In very ancient times, Tiberias was a Jewish village. Then the Romans moved in, developed the area and named it after a Caesar. Arabs, Crusaders, Egyptian Mamelukes, Ottomans, and the British ruled the city. Jews moved in and out over the centuries. Their presence in Tiberias depended […]

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rosh hashana simanim

Fish Eyes, A Memoir

Levi was about nine years old and heavily into grossing his sisters out. “I’ll eat anything,” he boasted. “Even fish eyes.” Eeeww. When had I ever served him fish eyes? But he strutted around talking about fish eyes, knowing he was safe. Who would ever test him on it? His friends were  impressed. Wallah, that’s […]

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On Gathering and Eating Nettles

You know those old jokes that start, “First, go out and steal a chicken…”? Well, to eat nettles you have to go out and forage them. They like partially shaded to sunny places, like deserted lots and old gardens. Going out into places like that will make an urban forager out of you. You might […]

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image sourdough bread

Bread, Ordinary and Miraculous

Bread. So simple and everyday, yet miraculous. I pick up a slice of my own, home-made bread. I turn it around, inspect the crumb and color. Bite, and judge the yield of the crust to my teeth. The age-old smell of fermented flour. The mysterious workings of yeast on sugars and starches. It amazes me […]

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