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Foraging for Chickweed

This week I’m roaming empty lots and old gardens, foraging for chickweed. Chickweed is one of my favorite wild greens. I grow it in containers on my balcony, but my containers don’t yield as much as I want. So I’m out in the cool, moist weather, scanning the ground for the soft little herb, because […]

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roasted green wheat

Freekeh In The Field

Meet Salman Nijim Abu Heissam, a Druze farmer from a village in the Western Galilee.  He is an ex-IDF officer and speaks excellent Hebrew, which was great for me because my Arabic is limited to maybe four words. Paul Nirens, owner of the Galileat organization that leads culinary tours with Druze and Christian Arabs of […]

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Gastronomical Tiberias

Tiberias, forever anchored to the Sea of Galilee. In very ancient times, Tiberias was a Jewish village. Then the Romans moved in, developed the area and named it after a Caesar. Arabs, Crusaders, Egyptian Mamelukes, Ottomans, and the British ruled the city. Jews moved in and out over the centuries. Their presence in Tiberias depended […]

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