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Chicken Burgers in Lemony Tomato Sauce, with Swiss Chard and Potatoes

Do chicken burgers sound like an adult recipe?

I confess, it first sounded more like a quick protein dish to slap together for the kids. But we eat a lot of chicken in Israel. And our home cooks, with the flavors of the Middle East at their fingertips, work those flavors into everything, even something as pedestrian as ground chicken, with delicious results.

So this recipe evolved, incorporating a green vegetable and even a hit of potato to round it out. In the end you have a substantial meal, but it couldn’t be farther than the sort of easy, crock-pot style recipe you reach for when you’ll need to dish something up fast, say right after work. It needs multiple stages, and time. It’s a recipe for turning on some music and peacefully fitting an hour of active cooking into your day.

Sometimes I look for such recipes because I find the work soothing. Much better for body and mind than vegging out in front of a romantic comedy  (I love romantic comedies). And the reward?

The reward is putting appetizing, juicy burgers and vegetables in a piquant sauce on the table.

Or is it the compliments?

You choose.

image chicken burgersYou may also choose to serve a salad on the side, always a good idea. And if you feel the potato won’t satisfy your needs, a serving of rice on the other side will.

I like the light texture and flavor of chicken in this recipe, but ground turkey and classic ground beef fit just fine if that’s what you prefer.

I owe this recipe to my friend Sarah Melamed, a molecular biology scientist whose home cooking reflects the Middle Eastern palate in all kinds of delicious ways.

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