lamb short ribs recipe

Lamb Short Ribs In The Crock Pot

Love lamb but don’t have time for it? This one’s for you.

It seems that in Israel most of the best-quality kosher lamb is sold to restaurants. I used to pounce on lamb when it showed up in the supermarket, serving it on festive occasions and holidays. Luckily, I discovered a fresh-meat co-op that operates out of Safed, and their meat is excellent, and they deliver. Apart from beef, they offer lamb and the offal of both.

Lamb’s testes, anyone?

I’m still working up the courage to order testes, but I have the feeling that actually…I probably won’t.

Still, there’s other meat. I’m fond of short ribs, and lamb short ribs are a particular treat. This recipe is great for those Fridays when the clock burns the minutes up and I find myself rushing from task to task and Shabbat’s looming up in a few hours. It only takes a few minutes of prep, then turn the crock pot on, and wallah – a savory, hot main dish for dinner. You know those descriptions of dishes that claim to take only thirty minutes, but look like you’ve slaved over them all day? Well, here’s one.

Except, of course, that the ribs slow-cook in the crock pot for three hours. But the hands-on work takes maybe 10 minutes, then you’re set.

I serve red meat once a week, and sometimes less often. But when I do, I want it fork-tender and succulent; not a fan of chewy steaks that’ll put hair on yer chest. I prefer meat with mellow flavor and tender flesh, and a glass of red wine to sip, and reflecting that though the day’s been hectic, it all got done, and now I can relax. I like tasting the separate flavors of rich meat, vegetables and herbs even as they melded during hours of gentle cooking. And I like knowing that even if the crock pot did the cooking, the way to cook the dish came from me.

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