Slushy Mint Lemonade

In Israel, it’s known as Limonana.

Mid-July, and the planet is hot. NASA reports that the first half of 2016 had “the warmest temperatures ever recorded.”

Please, let’s not be so polite. Hottest temperatures humanity has ever known. That’s more real.

I like to stand out on my small balcony early in the morning to catch the only non air-conditioned coolness I’m going to get through the day. It seems that people try to run their errands as early as possible, to avoid being out in the sun later. We’re all half dehydrated and we’re all walking around with our tongues hanging out – those who aren’t walking around taking desperate gulps out of mineral water bottles.

While the world is in the grip of Big Heat, this is my motto:

Stay in the shade and drink lemonade.

Especially Israel’s favorite lemonade, which is green, intensely minty, and half-frozen. Limonana.

Limon translates into lemon. Nana means spearmint. The two main ingredients of the drink make up the name.  I guarantee that limonana will cool you down fast, and keep you cool for a long time, too. It’s all that wonderful vitamin C in the main ingredients; a natural heat resistance booster.

Did you know that mint has as much vitamin C per weight as oranges? It’s worth adding plenty of fresh mint leaves to your salads, but limonana offers you the way to drink your mint. Much better for you than soda, and made in minutes.

What you need is fresh, juicy spearmint and a large lemon. And plenty of ice. Sugar syrup, made in two minutes. And a blender. Then it’s  blend the heck out of everything together and pour the slushy, dark-green, fragrant, sweet-tart, minty, divine drink into a glass and sip. Your brain will stop melting. Your body will relax, and you will smile.


Or plop down at your favorite cafe and order a limonana from the Russian waitress, who might look something like this:


Limonana is well known in other Middle-Eastern countries too. I’ve heard that in Turkey, they add a drop or two of orange flower water to the drink, which sounds wonderful.

Another thing to do if you happen to have extra (not likely, but still) – make limonana ice cubes, and float them in plain cold water. Or throw them into any other beverage you think likely. How about a gin and tonic and limonana? Hm. I’ll have to investigate that.







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